Monday, September 10, 2012

Blankz Review - The Washable Toy that Keeps on Giving

I was thrilled to be a part of reviewing this product.  I have a busy almost 9 year old daughter and she is very demanding of me at times, always saying she is bored.  I am always trying to encourage her to be more creative and stay off the electronics. You know, try to be a good mom. LOL  When this product arrived in the mail I was thrilled. Not only was the hope there that this product would work as it claimed, but I would at least have 15 minutes of peace and silence from the complaining that "I'm bored". All in all, it was success all around!

Our cute little Blankz White Hound arrived in a cute little box. Although we did not get to choose which fun toy we got to review, there are other choices you can make, such as Bare (the bear), Ele-Faint (the elephant), Bloink (the pig), No Bully (the bull), Bare Hare (the rabbit), and Un Sealed (the seal).

Each animal comes with what my daughter called a "collar" (a tag attached to a rubber band around the neck). Inside the tag is a cute little poem about your particular animal.  I thought it was a neat touch. Plus I liked the fact that there was no tag to clip off, this just slipped off from around the neck.
With every Blankz animal, you get a set of 5 non-toxic, watercolor washable markers (black, red, yellow, green, & blue).  You also get a blankZdrop card so that you can create your animal's living environment. Lastly, there are a set of instructions in the box. The only think I didn't like about the blankZdrop is that that was NOT reusable to a degree- you can try wiping off the card but I found that the marker not come 100% off. But that is just peanuts to me - the toy was the main focus.
What is so neat about this toy? You get to color it. Wash and dry it. Color it again. It is a toy that keeps on giving!! Let the creativity daughter chose to give White Hound a blue skirt and a yellow headband.
Once your toys is colored you can enjoy it (just keep it away from water or the color will run) or you can wash it and do another design later.
We had to test it out. So into the wash it went with our colored clothes.  You can wash it on any setting you wanted per the instruction sheet, but we thought we would play it safe and wash on cold with our colors, just in case.
Out of the wash it came, marker free.  The only down side is that I would not recommend washing it with towels or anything fuzzy - it left fuzz on the toy. But if that happens to you, you can try using a lint roller to get it off or rewash it.

Would I recommend this toy? Heck ya! Times are tough financially for many parents, so what a neat way to "recycle" your toys! These Blankz are being retailed around $14.99 at small independent retailers and on the Blankz website, so it is a great deal for a toy that you can re-design time after time.  It is a great product and I look forward toward seeing what other animals or dolls they may come out with.  And best of all, like my daughter said, "it is so soft you can sleep with it!"

For more information you can also look up Blankz on Facebook or on Twitter.

No money was exchanged in this review. Item was received at no cost in exchange for an honest, original review. 

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