Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great Girls 2012 Costumes - Here comes Draculaura!

Oh how my family loves Halloween time.  A time where you can decorate your house all crazy like and toss out your own style and put on the style of someone else just for a day.  That's right, you get to play dress up!

My daughter is the be biggest "make believer" I know. I am always catching her "rockin' out" to Taylor Swift's latest song wearing her cowboy boots. Ocassionally she is in her fairest party dress and putting yellow yarn in her hair (from her Tangled Birthday Party last year) to play Rapunzel.  Lately she has gotten into the craze over Monster High.  She just turned 9 and boy the attitude is rolling and she is starting to get that "teen talk" know, "Like Ok?" or "OMG, that is totally it".  Little did I know that this is just the beginning! She is becoming a TWEEN!!!!

So it is fitting that when the opportunity came for me to do a costume review courtesy of Costume Super Center, naturally, like any supportive mother, I opt to review a costume to my child's liking, a Monster High costume.  There are several Monster High characters, but my daughter lovingly chose Draculaura (a vegetarian Vampire *note she drinks tomato juice not blood...LOL).

Two things I look at when selecting a costume, is the value of the costume (am I really getting something worth the money I paid, AND will the size actually fit).  I chose the size 10/12 as my daughter is in the "in between size right now".  The costume came as a 3 piece set that included the top, skirt, and fishnet capris, or in my daughter's case, due to her long legs looked more like shorts.

The quality of the costume overall is top notch.  This costume retails for $19.99 online at  Costume Super Center and I think it is worth every penny.   They used durable fabric and the seams are perfectly crafted.  Because of my daughter's odd body shape, the top is a little funky looking on her, so I may end up tacking the top down a bit around the white dicky undershirt layer just to help it lay flatter, but overall, the costume fit nicely.  I was concerned that the skirt more than anything, thinking it would be too large around the waist as my daughter has a tiny waist and a big booty, so skirts are usually tricky to find that actually fit and stay where they are supposed to and this skirt seemed to stay in place, so I don't think we will have an issue of a wardrobe malfunction come Trick - or - Treat time.

My favorite part of the costume, despite the slight alterations I might have to make, is the top.  The quality of the craftsmanship is spectacular.   From fishnet, to taffeta, to lace, every stitch is accounted for and I know the costume will hold up Halloween day (from the school Halloween party and parade, to the Church Carnival and lastly, Trick - or - Treating).  This costume is made to last!!! I am just tickled for my daughter that for one day, she can be her "new" favorite character and not have to worry about the costume shredding.  I think as a mom, and knowing my daughter, I might buy a pair of fishnet stockings, just in case she rips her leggings at school. I am sure I can pick those up or order a pair when I order her Draculaura wig and boots to make her costume complete.  Oh, and my daughter says, "You can't forget the makeup too Mom!"  Ugh, TWEENS!!!! ;-)

To find your perfect, durable costume that fits your budget, you can visit  I hope you have a SPOOKtacular Halloween. I know mine will be!

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