Saturday, October 20, 2012

Smart Pack Gummy Review

I have been taking a health class, as I admit I need to lose a few pounds. I relearned the importance of taking supplements because based on studying my diet, I was not getting enough of the good Omegas and Fish Oils in my diet.  An opportunity to try out Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins for adults came upon me and I needed to try them out and see if they not only worked for my life style (I am horrible and taking pills) and to get me health back on track.

Shocker #1: I got a huge box (30 day supply) of gummies to try. They taste (to me anyway) like a kids gummy snack pouch. Each vitamin is a different flavor and color. Supper convenient for a mom (or dad) on the go. Take your vitamins on the way to work, kids soccer game, where ever!

Shocker #2: They sent me a GINORMOUS yellow, gummy night light as a promo item. (My daughter stole it immediately)!

Now is your chance to try Smart Pack Gummy Vitamins, as they are giving some away to lucky readers.  Please visit them on their Facebook page and enter to win. Contest ends on October 30th.

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