Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kombucha Wonder Drink Review

Oh, let me count the ways to live a healthier life.  There is going on some Gu-Ru diet, cutting out fats and eating more protiens, how about going Gluten Free or just eating Organic?  We all need to live a healthier life; let's face it, America is in trouble when it comes to obesity and "at risk" health problems.  I was thrilled be able to try a little know product from Kombucha to review.  Let me first say, the package that arrived, it was NOT little, so I was able to try several Kombucha products. 

Here is a little bit about the product (as coming from the company itself): 

" ...it is a sparkling fermented tea that tastes slightly tar, slightly sweet - and is really good for you....The important byproduct of this magical symbiotic interaction is the creation of essential organic acids which the human body may use to help aid digestion and build the immune system..."

Other notable benefits: 

* Contain 65 calories or less
* Contain 10 - 14 mg of sugar depending on flavor
* Contain 2 - 6 mg of caffeine per 7 ounce serving
* Classified as a non-alcoholic beverage as there is less than 0.5% alcohol in the beverages.
* Comes in 14 oz. bottles or 8.4 oz. cans
* A local product (ok, I had to add that as the company is out of Portland, Oregon!)

I was given 5 beverages to try:    Asian Pear & Ginger, Green Tea & Lemon, Essence of Juniper Berry, Spearamint & Lemon Myrtle, Traditional, & Cherry Cassis.  The Traditional and the Essence of Juniper Berry Spearamint & Lemon Myrtle were not for me.  They tasted too much like a bubbly micro brew (so if you have a pallet for micro-brewed beers, you might like these.  My favorite drink was the Cherry Cassis.  It reminded me of a Cherry soda pop drink.  Tons of fizz and tons of flavor.  I would totally drink it again!

So are you ready to be healthier with me? Why not give this product a whirl too? Learn more about Kombucha by visiting their website and finding a store location near you.


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