Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little About Me

Well, with my birthday coming up, I think I am becoming more wiser? LOL So I thought since I shared this with a great online group, I might as well share it with you all as well, here is something about me:
My name is Rebecca and I run Columbia Gorge Coupon Mommy. I am 34, twice married, with a beautiful daughter who will be 10 this Fall. I live in a small (pop. 2,500) logging community nestled along the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge, named White Salmon, located in the Evergreen State, Washington. If you look on a map, you will see it about 1 1/2 hours East of Portland, Oregon. I grew up in this town (born and raised). 
Looking at Hood River, OR (with Mt. Hood in background) - taken from Bingen, WA (1 mile south of White Salmon)
I married at 19 to a man in the Navy (stationed in Jacksonville, Florida). I lived in Florida for a year, then relocated to Vancouver, WA (suburb of Portland) where we lived for 6 years until we divorced. My daughter and I then moved back to White Salmon. I then married my soul mate, Ken, on my 30th birthday (Feb. 14th). 
My Daughter got a wedding ring too!

Our Wedding Day, February 14th, 2009
We now live in a house right next door to the house I grew up in (yes my folks still live there!). It is great, as with the 2 houses, we have 1 acre total and 24/7 access to Nana! 
Husband at a Burn to Learn Training with the Fire Department
 My husband is a Janitor for a local commercial cleaning company and also a Volunteer Firefighter and is in the process of getting his certificate for EMT. 
Me, January 2013
I on the other hand, wear several hats. I basically work 7 days a week outside the home. During the week, I tutor math and reading before school and I am a substitute teacher's assistant. On the weekends, I clean for the same company that my husband works for. I have also been a free-lance wedding planner for 14 years so that has been my "fun hobby". I also am a blogger (duh - lol) and have been blogging since 2010. My blog originally started as just a coupon/local store deal matchup sight, but have been trying to add a little more variety by completing reviews, meal planning, and recipes. Recently, I have been getting more requests from locals to teach couponing, so have been trying to squeeze those classes in as well and recently took a position with the Gorge area Community Ed program. My blogging goal for the year is that I hope to share more often my daughter's trials and tribulations, as she has"special needs". 
Daughter and I at Crater Lake, Oregon
My daughter has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (High Functioning Autism), ADHD, and Anxiety - so she keeps me on my toes constantly, then add in her therapy and doctor's appointments and my life gets even more nuts! I think more awareness should be spoken of Asperger's so, my goal this year, is to spread the word more to my readers and educate that although it is "Autism", there is still a child in there, you just have to channel it! 
Rosella helping clip coupons - her Sunday chore!
 On a more personal note, I had a hysterectomy last spring (I have PCOS and the side effects were becoming more than I could bare). Being that I could no longer naturally have more children, we adopted a kitten last summer, named Rosella. She now rules the roost and has more toys than a toddler! I am active in our Lutheran church and help out with Sunday School, Bible Studies, and other church functions when I can. I love that church and it has helped me it more ways that I can describe. 
The Camping Set-up
Husband and Daughter, Summer 2012 near Clackamas, OR
Husband and I September 2012, Oregon Coast
 For fun, our family loves to go camping in our pop up trailer, nature walk, swim, metal detect, and rock hunt for thunder eggs. I could go on more, but I have to leave some mystery behind.... :-)