Thursday, May 30, 2013

Suds Review - Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products Here In The Gorge

I love helping out local companies when I can.  Especially when the owners are people I personally know.  I was honored to be asked by local Suds business owner, Andrea, to test out her new line of environmentally friendly cleaning products. How many companies let you choose your own cleaning "scent", such as Rose, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Clove, Mandarin, Lime, Tea Tree, Lavender, or Lemon!?!?

I received a Glass Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, and a Grease Cutter to try out.  I too, am worried about unnecessary chemicals, especially those that may be harmful to the environment. I have to be careful as my daughter has skin sensitivity and I have young kittens in the house as well. I love the idea that these products were simply made with "safe" products.  The following ingredients were used in my products that I reviewed:

Glass Cleaner: water, distilled white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, cornstarch, essential oil.

All-Purpose Cleaner: water, distilled white vinegar, washing soda, Castile soap, essential oil.

Grease Cutter: water, Castile soap, essential oil.

Suds also offers a Tub & Toilet Scrub, and they are currently working on sourcing some wool dryer balls and soap berries (also called soap nuts) for laundry product line.

The most awesome thing (other than the products work like a dream - yep no more streaking mirrors in our house!) is that the spray triggers on the bottles spray upside down!  Such a neat feature that many products don't offer.  You never have to worry about getting that last drop out!  They also offer refill services for local customers, as well as refill bottles for purchase so you can keep using the original trigger sprayers instead of throwing them away.

Want to check them out for yourself?  You can find Suds on Facebook or on the web as well.  Just follow the links below:

Facebook - Suds

Website - Suds

 *No monetary compensation was received in writing this review. Products were received at no cost in exchange for writing this honest review.


  1. I only use Green products! I will be checking them out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like some great products!

  3. These sound great! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I try to only use green products, since my bunnies have free reign of the house. I would LOVE to try this!