Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Perplexus Epic - A Game to Boggle All Minds

I don't care who you are, but there is something out there to entertain every mind of every age.  From TV, to Sports, to classic board games, there is truly something for everyone.  Ever run into those people that have to just sit and do a project from start to finish?  You know who I am talking about!  When you think of them, this game I am about to tell you about is perfect entertainment for them!

Perplexus Epic by Patch Games is a game with obstacles that will require a different level of concentration, coordination and will amaze you with 125 obstacles to overcome.  It is designed to challenge those aged 8 and up.  My good friend happened to be at my house when the game arrived in the mail to review.  She took one look at it (in the box mind you) and said "That frustrates me just looking at it."  Ok, so it is not meant for her.  However my daughter, who is an Aspie kiddo, sat for quite some time trying to balance the little ball on the tracks to get from start to a finish location.  It was great coordination for her and a few moments of silence for me - a win win!

Want to learn more about Perplexus Epic or more fun games from Patch Games?  Just head on over to their website or find them on Facebook or Twitter.  What have you done that was entertaining today?

*This post contains a review in which no money was compensated in order to write my 100% honest opinion of the the product.  Item was given at no charge in exchange for this review.

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  1. my favorite memory is playing rummy with my dad and letting him win,i can still see the big smile on his face,when i won a game.he is gone now and i miss his terribly.