Sunday, October 13, 2013

Time To Get Snacking! Newman's Own Organics Review

Ok, let's be honest.  Who doesn't love a good snack? We all have those days where we are craving something crunchy, or salty, or chocolatey right?  Then we eat our desired craving and then moments go by and we feel that guilt.  Did I eat too much? What toxin did I just put in my body? Etc.  Well I am happy to report that Newman's Own has a separate line of products - Newman's Own Organics.  Let me tell you, there are plenty of healthy, chemical free products in their line that is perfect for any snack craving!

I was shocked when I opened my door to a huge box of treats to review!  Pretzels of all kinds, dried apples, raisins, mints of different flavors, candy bars, licorice, cookies, & more!  I must admit, this was heaven for my daughter- major sweet tooth alert!

Let's take a peak at what my family thought:

We got to sample 6 flavors of chocolate bars.  My vote goes to the Mocha Chocolate.  The flavor of my favorite coffee drink in a bar form. LOVED it!!!!  The chocolate was so smooth and creamy and had the slight coffee flavor to boot.  Absolutely fabulous - makes me crave a mocha right now as I am writing this! :-)  My daughter voted for the milk chocolate.  She says it is similar to the taste of a leading chocolate maker's candy bar, but this one is healthier Mom!
Next we tried the peanut butter and raspberry cup candies.  Was leery of the raspberry, but I think I enjoyed that more than the peanut butter.  Was a perfect compliment to the creaminess of the chocolate in a nice bite size.  It was hard to just eat one!
My family loves to eat fruit! We always dry our own apples each year so were curious as to how these apples would be - would they be stale tasting like some store bought brands? Would they have good flavor?  The answer:  They were yummy! So yummy we could hardly tell the difference between these apples and our own dried apples if it wasn't for the packaging!  They were moist and fresh and such a lovely snack!  The raisins were also fabulous.  Plump and juicy and were a great addition to some oatmeal cookies! :=)
Speaking of cookies, we got to sample some fabulous cookies as well.  Fig Newmans, Alphabet cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Ginger-O's, Newman-O's with mint and Newman-O's that are wheat and dairy free.  Hands down, the fave of the house was the Fig Newmans.  So much better than the Nabisco competitor.  These had better flavor, a softer outer crust and were much more satisfying.  The Ginger-O's came in a close second due to the crunch factor and the hubby loves the Mint "O's" with milk!

Another great snack we sampled was a variety of pretzels.  Pretzel Rods were the hubby's favorite.  He said that it was the perfect texture; not too soft and not too hard and crunchy and had just the perfect amount of salt added to them.  My daughter and I enjoyed the thin pretzels with our lunches.  I am not keen on salt but these were not too bad!  My parents enjoyed the protein pretzels (those that are following my blog know that my parents are on a journey to get back into shape after so many years off the bandwagon) and they have really been enjoying this healthy snack.  The honey wheat flavored pretzels are great as well and just has the right touch of sweetness mixed with the saltiness.

A few other snacks we devoured were some licorice (black, sour strawberry, strawberry, and pomegranate).  It is a toss up between the black and the strawberry.  The candy is perfectly flavored to your preference of flavor and is soft and chewy, how a great licorice should be made.  Lastly we enjoyed an array of mints.  Ginger, Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Wintergreen were our samples.  Hard to choose just one, but the Ginger is addicting, the cinnamon is perfect for those that like a little spice and the peppermint and wintergreen just leave your mouth feeling refreshed!

I know, you must be starting to feel a little grumble in your tummy from reading all of this.  If you are seeking a snack the next time you're at the store, check out Newman's Own Organics for some awesome treats for you and your family.  I am glad that I had the chance to try them and will definately be going back to the store for some more of our favorites.

Speaking of favorites, be on a lookout soon for a giveaway for some of our favorite treats - we are teaming up with Newman's Own Organics to giveaway some snacks to a lucky reader.  Stay tuned and happy snacking!

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