Monday, May 12, 2014

Bombshell Bath Company - a Review for Your Skin!

Many of you know I have a special needs daughter.  Unfortunately, one of her issues is eczema.  My daughter is allergic to many of the chemical based soaps on the market, particularly those that have fragrance.  For years, we have been spending upwards of $10 a bottle for specialty soap, so you may empathize with my excitement when I chatted with the owner of Bombshell Bath Company at a local vending event about how her natural goat soaps may be perfect for my daughter!

Bombshell Bath Company uses natural herbs, the highest grade in essential oils and all natural colorants.  All of the soaps use a natural goat milk base.  For those unfamiliar with the benefits of goat milk, it carries a natural PH balance that doesn't dry the skin PLUS it has natural healing benefits as well.  A perfect solution for those with eczema!

My family was offered the opportunity to try a variety of their products.  I must note, we are now completely SOLD on goat milk products!  All of these soaps and lotions we tried were fanominal and didn't bother my daughter's skin (at least the one we designated for her - the Pure Goat Milk Soap bar with no additives).  The best thing is the cost!  My daughter's soap bar from Bombshell Bath Company was only $2.50 - it lasts as long as her high cost soap we had been buying!

My husband's favorite soap that we tried was the Vanilla Mint.  It contains crushed peppermint leaf, peppermint oils, spearamint and vanilla.  He loves the fact that it smells great, feels great on the skin, and leaves you with that "Oh So Fresh" feeling.

My personal favorite was the Shangri La.  Made of shea butter, jojoba oil, lemon peel, lemon oil, jasmine oil, and geranium rose oil.  I loved the layer of Himalayan Sea Salt on one side of the soap that I used to exfoliate my skin as I bathed.  It left me with super soft skin plus I still smelled fabulous after a hard day's work!

Other items that the hubby reviewed for me was the Solid Shave Soap, Fresh Face Soap, and Mechanics Soap.  As a man and a firefighter at that, these will now be staples in our bathroom supply.  The Solid Shave Soap offers a more natural lather for shaving.  Containing Kaolin clay for the "good slip", and goat milk with essential oils (vanilla, tea tree, clary sage, rosemary and peppermint).  Huge bonus - NO razor rash!!! 
The Fresh Face Detox Soap was wonderful for those few days he has come home from fighting a fire and covered with ash and grime.  This soap contains a bamboo charcoal that is used to pull out the toxins from the skin.  It also has a variety of essential oils for smell and clary sage for that smooth, refreshed feeling.
The Mechanics Soap is also wonderful for those extra dirty days (I'm thinking oil change days or even yard work day).  This goat milk based soap also contains a fine pumice and orange oil to help get that grease out!

Lastly, I was lucky enough to try a specialty lotion.  I say specialty because Bombshell Bath Company will turn your favorite soap scent into a lotion at no extra charge!  I chose to get the Shangri La lotion.  It comes in an 8oz. pump bottle.  Talk about smooth, smell good skin all day long!  My daughter proclaims I smell like flowers!  Hahaha

I am just so thrilled to have found soap that I can afford for my daughter's skin issues plus the company is local to me.  If you don't live in the Great North West, that is ok, Bombshell Bath Company does offer flat rate shipping and handling!  You can find out more about Bombshell Bath company via their website or find them on Facebook as well!

***This review contains items that may have been used in exchange to write and honest review.  I was not paid to write this review.

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