Friday, August 28, 2015

An apology & a Target trip

I have been quiet for a while now. I let myself get behind on a lot of things. Not just coupon/ Facebook/blog related but in all aspects of my life! Than a visit from my parents & nephew, my kitchen counters & sink gone! We bought some new ones but they won't be put in until the 3rd. So life has been a little mixed up right now.

I am still learning the balance that comes with working from home, being a Mom & wife and still getting my grocery shopping done!! So I appreciate your patience!

Lets get back to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we? I was able to get into Target early Monday, and snagged some awesome deals! While I was walking around, I checked my Cartwheel app and up popped a lot of high value discounts! Clorox products for a steal (between sales & coupons and gift card offers!) Sara Lee snack cakes for a little over a $1 a box, Reynolds baking sheets were 3.97 with a 50% off cartwheel (so about $2 each) Motts applesauce were on sale $3/5 (or 1.67 each) There are coupons for $1/2 so I grabbed six at about $1.17 each.

My son Ivan's favorite deal, were these SpaghettiO's! .99 regular price and had a cartwheel offer for 40% off!

This however, was my favorite deal! Toaster Strudels on sale $3/5 or $1.67 each. Minus a coupon for .50/1, bringing it to $1.17 and than throwing in a 20% off cartwheel offer and you have a cheap treat...I mean breakfast.

How about everyone else? Anyone nab any great deals this week? I would love to hear them!

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