Sunday, August 9, 2015

Simply Saving Sunday --->warehouse stores

When it comes to saving money, I honestly believe that every little bit helps!
Whether we save 1% or 100% we need to celebrate our victories!

 Here are some simple tips that can help you to save some cash! This week we are talking about warehouse stores!

**If you are looking into getting a membership, look for discounts or coupons to join! I have been able to get military discounts, and free coupons upon re-signing up! Shop around to make sure you get the best deal. Or share your membership cost with a friend or family member! My sister and I have shared our Costco membership cost for years! We both shop and than use the rebate check, that comes with the membership level we have, and use that to pay the next years cost. It is a win-win!

 Costco stars---> when you are in Costco, if you happen to notice a star/asterisk (*) shape on the price...STOCK UP!! This star means that they will not be getting any more of the item. It is at its lowest price point, so that they can get rid of their stock. If it is an item that you really, really like.. make sure you grab enough to last!
My husbands favorite treats were starred! Because he is so cute, I got him 2 boxes!!!

Warehouse stores have their own brands...and they are fabulous! Some of them are just as good as their name brand competitors...and some are better! I personally like Kirkland Signatures (Costco brand) cleaning wipes better than Clorox or Lysol! So don't count them out!

Going on a road trip? By using a store locator, see if you can arrange your pit stops near your favorite warehouse store for snacks (much cheaper than a gas station!), water (seriously cheap!), and you can stop by their food counter and get a cheap lunch. (Hot dog & soda combos at both Costco & Sams are only $1.50!) Not to mention, refilling your tank at a major discount!

These are small simple savings...but they add up!

Do you have a simple savings tip? Would you like to share them? If so, shoot me an email at !! I would love to hear them. Every Sunday will be a different topic, so you don't have to focus on just warehouse stores! It can be anything!

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