Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cooking from my stockpile...

Every couponer worth their salt has the same thing in common...

A stockpile. They are all different sizes, have different products, are organized differently, but we all have one.

Once I have stocked up on a great deal, it is important to actually use it. Otherwise you are just wasting your money & time.

I found some pork (stating cut for stir fry) on markdown while at Vons. I snatched it up and than brought it home. Going through my stockpile, I knew I had everything to make a tasty stir fry.

The pork was $4.89 ( I bought 2) so that cost would have been $9.78 BUT the meat was 50% off so that brought the price of the pork to $4.89. Or basically buy one get one free.

I grabbed these frozen vegi's out of my freezer. Awhile back, C & W put out coupons good for $1/1 and thanks to a $1 sale, I stocked up like crazy. The price for the vegi's was nothing!

I had a box of rice purchased from Wal Mart, a month or two before. I can't remember the exact price but I am going to go with $3.00. I think that is kind of high but that is ok. Price for rice is $3.00.

I needed a sauce as well, and so I grabbed this from my stockpile shelf, Campbells sauces were .40 after Target cartwheel offer and coupon a couple of weeks ago. I used two so the total would be .80.

So here is the breakdown:
Meat ---> $4.89
Sauce---> .80
Total $8.69 out of pocket OR $1.24 per serving!

And there was NOTHING left.

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