Friday, December 11, 2015

Target Cartwheel offers

**Once again, I would like to apologize for the crappy photos! I just screen shot-ted because I wanted to get this up fast!**

Every day I check my Target cartwheel offers, to see what the 50% off toy is. Today I found some awesome deals and there are coupons to go with almost every single one! So here we go...

1. Sara Lee for 50% off! Hello yum! You can also find, if you haven't printed it already a coupon good for $1/1 cheesecake!

2. I couldn't find any coupons for the Hershey's Pot of Gold...but I have a ton of coupons to file. So I can't say that there are not. But if you are looking for a quick gift...

3. Next up we have the SpongeBob movie! 50% off this movie makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

4. I plan to do a longer post on the Minion movie, and the plethora of deals that are available on it but in my opinion, Target has the best deal on the movie...even before using this coupon! Buy the specialty Target "tin" and it will cost you $22.99. Using the cartwheel will take off another $2.29, bringing the cost to $20.70.  This is for the DVD/Blu Ray/ digital copy and you get a $5 Target gift card. If you include this, your cost is now down to $15.70!!! Hot, hot, hot!

Next up is the Special K snack bars that you can see in the above picture. There are a variety of coupons and they are good from .50-.75/1!  These are perfect for breakfast on the go or an addition to lunches!

If you aren't interested in the Special K bars, you can grab these Clif bars at 50% off. I have not found any coupons on these however...

There are quite a few coupons for Unstoppables, including these candles! 40% off of one, I believe they are regularly priced around $2.99 and add a coupon for up to $1.50 off! That is a nice score!

This Poppity Pop Musical Dino is the Cartwheel toy of the day. Obviously no coupons but keep an eye out for it!

There is something about those candy canes that kids love, am I right? Well right now, they are 50% off. Now, the sizes on this deal say from 1.4 oz to 3 oz. There are coupons good for $1/2 for Snickers and M&M products 2 oz and higher! So the only way you can use the coupon is if you can find a cane that is 2 oz or more.

Triscuit and Wheat Thin crackers have a cartwheel for 30% off. You can get 4 of each. Combine those with a Nabisco coupon (both printable and found in previous Sunday papers) good for .75/2!

Last but not least...Natures Own bread is 50% off. There are quite a few coupons good for $1 off. Once again, both printables and from the Sunday paper. Stock up your bread basket for cheap!
Phew! Load up your cartwheel offers and go get those deals people!

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