Saturday, June 10, 2017

Spenders or Savers?

My kids over heard me say that I was going to Wal Mart. Immediately the, "can I come?" started and I found myself with three of my boys at the store with me.

All of my kids earn allowance and they all have an account. We don't take them to spend their money every week, but we do take them every so often.

It really interests me, how different my kids are when it comes to spending money!

Harmony is my oldest. She is not great with money, but she is a lot better than I was at her age! She always looks for free items, discount and clearance sections, adores Goodwill and other thrift stores, will use coupons & discount cards. She has been known to pay full price for something she really wants though. I would say she is kind of a middle of the road kind of person. Not really a spender or a saver.

Ethan is my oldest boy. He can be described in one word...saver. He usually has more money then all of the other kids because he never spends it. He has bought himself two laptops, paid for half of a band trip ($700+) and is currently saving up because according to him, " I can't think of anything I need or want". He also has no qualms using a coupon, discount card or getting things for free.

Connor is my spender. To the very last penny. Money literally burns a hole in his pocket. If he has $20, he will spend $19.99 and ask if you are willing to cover tax. He uses his money for the things that he wants but doesn't really have plans to buy anything big. I am working on him to be more of a saver but he is who he is. He has asked for coupons for fast food though...

Ivan is kind of like Harmony. Right in the middle. He has things that he wants, like a certain Lego set or video game, but once he has it...he's good. He doesn't spend money on things like a candy bar or bag  of chips. Nothing random. All of his purchases are planned. So unless he has his eye on something, he doesn't spend. So maybe he is more of a saver...

Mason is a spender. He wants to know exactly how much money he has to spend. He isn't like Connor, where he will spend to the last penny, but he gets close! He is also pretty generous with his money, and has been known to float a loan to a brother or sister in need. Mason is still learning about tax and double checking the price of something. I hope he is always generous, as that is an amazing quality!

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