Friday, January 13, 2012

Antonym Cosmetics Review

Just before Christmas I got a wonderful goodie package from Antonym Cosmetics to review.  Inside was a powder foundation, a cosmetic brush, and a tube of lip color.

Upon trying the cosmetics, the powder went on my face nice and smooth and lasted quite awhile (which is shocking for my oily skin).  I didn't have any yucky feelings from the makeup on my face.  It felt totally natural!  The cosmetic brush was a joy to use.  It was so soft!  I wish all brushes were that soft! One cosmetic item I will have to keep on hand.  As for the lip gloss, I am not a fan of lip color to begin with, but they sent me a nice light pink shade to try and it went on my lips like a dream!

All in all, I recommend Antonym Cosmetics to my readers.  They really do stand behind their products and the quality shows!

For more information, you can find them on Facebook: Antonym Cosmetics.

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