Friday, January 13, 2012


I had the pleasure of reviewing a Gluten Free product thanks to LARABAR.  I had initially written them seeking coupons for their product as my husband is on a gluten free diet.  In return, they sent me a box of LARABARS to try.  Fair deal!  They sent me a Brownie Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar, Lemon Bar, and Apple Bar.  As everyone in my family has unique tastes, we all grabbed our favorite flavor and had at it.

I had the Brownie Bar.  The taste was great and spot on, however in my opinion, it was a little too dry.

My daughter had the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough:  She is a picky girl and didn't care for it, so I ate the rest naturally.  I could definitely taste the chocolate but I felt that too much vanilla flavor was added.  Not too bad though!

My husband, a lemon lover loved his bar.  The perfect amount of yumminess in his mouth.  Which is important as he is the one that needs the gluten free snack choices.

My mom tried the Apple.  She said it was spot on and tasted just like an apple pie.

Overall, their products are wonderful.  Some flavors are not for some people, but we definitely know what ones we will be purchasing in store from now on! ;-)

For more information on LARABAR , visit them on their Facebook page.

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