Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Arm Cozies Review

Love unique items? Then join the bandwagon with me and enjoy Arm Cozies! 

I love a good opportunity to try American Made and sometimes unusual items. I was given the chance to try a product called Arm Cozies.  

Arm Cozies were originally designed to keep the chill off of readers arms while laying in bed.  It is no fun to be in bulky clothing, like a bathrobe, when you are trying to relax with a good book before dozing off and it is hard to flip pages of your enticing novel when your arms are chilled and the bed sheets are in the way.  Arm Cozies are basically the arms of a warm fleece sweatshirt attached by only a thin strip in the back. You put it on like you would with a sweater or jacket but less bulk. Made from Polartec Fleece, your arms will be less chilled with Arm Cozies! Arm Cozies come in several colors and sizes, so everyone in your home is able to enjoy them!  I enjoy mine often while sitting on the computer! To learn more about Arm Cozies, you can visit their site by clicking HERE.

*No money compensation was received. Product was given in return for this review.

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