Friday, December 21, 2012

Monogrammed Holiday Pops

These are fun and easy to do:

Photo Courtesy of Columbia Gorge Coupon Mommy

2 bags of white candy melt (found at Walmart)
1 1/2 Bags lg size marshmallows
24 Candy Canes (unwrapped)
Decorators Frosting

Stick 2 marshmallows on the straight end of the candy cane (make sure they are all the way through)

Melt the white candy in double boiler per instructions on the bag. While this is going on lay out foil on your counter to place the candy to dry).

Once candy is melted, pour into a lg. glass or I use a 4 cup mixing glass.

Dip the marshmallow ends into the melted candy. Make sure to cover all sides.

Place on foil to harden.

Once hardened, decorate as desired with decorators frosting.  I did monograms for the children for our family gathering.