Friday, September 25, 2015

Shutterfly deals

Someone posted on my Facebook today, that it is only 3 months until Christmas.

Wait, what? Seriously?! How can it be that close? I have slowly been surely been putting gifts away into my gift cupboard for my kids, but some people are harder to shop for than others.

For example, my parents. They don't need toys or gadgets. They don't need home d├ęcor. Anything that they really need or want they can buy for themselves. Same as my in-laws. However, one thing I have access to that they don't? My kids.

If there is one thing that Grandparents love, it is their grandkids. Making photo gifts is one of the easiest gifts that I could make & give!

I love Shutterfly. It is easy to use and they are constantly offering codes, deals and free items.

From now until September 30th ( Wednesday) everyone can get 40% off site wide when you use code SHARE40 at checkout.

To maximize your discount, you can use it two ways:

1. Getting an item that is more expensive than you would normally pay, and than get a nice big discount. You will be paying more out of pocket, but less than you would if you paid full price. Make sense?
Some ideas for this way of maximizing your discount...
*personalized trays, personalized phone cases, canvas prints, table runners, blankets...

2. Get an item that is inexpensive, and paying very little out of pocket. Maybe print off some back to school pictures. Or get a magnet, or enlarge a picture. Something inexpensive, with a huge discount makes your out of pocket minimal! Some ideas for using this way to maximize your discount...

*prints, photo books, customized notebooks, magnets, note pads, mouse pads...

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