Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016...hello 2017!

It is New Years Eve...

I am sipping crystal light, watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, eating pizza and going over our new budget with my husband.

Yep, I know how to pArTaY!!

 I love the holidays but always look soooo forward to getting back to normal life and normal schedules. Normal.

One of those things is normal SPENDING! I swear, no matter how well I plan, something unexpected always comes up. It just does. An extra gift (or two or three...), meals out, parties, get together's, a good toy deal...

I like the idea of starting out the new year with my eye focused on what I want to do with my money. How & where I want to save. What I don't want and what I do!

Mistakes I have made (money wise... otherwise you would be reading all month!)

**grabbing (unplanned) lunchables instead of just making do with what is in my house

**too much eating out

** the costs of being disorganized (buying something I already had, shopping without a list or plan, not having coupons clipped & organized...)

** Emotional spending

** Letting good deals & coupons expire without me using them

So what do I want to do better/goals for myself?

**tracking what I spend

**lower my weekly grocery bill by $50 a week and add it to my cookie jar money

** be more organized with my coupons/lists/meal planning

**help others save money and learn to coupon

** share good deals

Tomorrow, I will share with you how I will be managing these goals...

For now, I just want to wish you all a wonderfully happy, healthy & budget friendly 2017!

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