Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Disney songs are catchy little tunes aren't they? Ever since a friend of mine shared something on her Facebook, I have had the "I've Gotta Dream" song from Tangled stuck in my head. Cute movie, cute song...and it makes you think.

This friend mentioned that a while back she had set out with a dream. She worked hard and turned it into a reality. She shared all of the different things that could of held her back, but she didn't let them. Her words of advice? Don't wait. There will never be the perfect time.

Starting in January, I had planned to really start getting back into coupon blogging and deals. Networking. Reviews. You tube. The whole kit and caboodle.

After reading her post, I decided, why wait?! I will admit that I am behind on all the tech stuff that goes on in having a blog. Linking social media sites and all of that.

My dream? Have a coupon blog and accompanying social media sites that will help others save money, make the most out of their stockpile & groceries. Inspire and encourage.

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