Thursday, June 8, 2017

Starting again...again

In the past two (maybe 3 months) our family has been so busy. I honestly don't think that we have ever, EVER, been that busy.

Along with being busy, our life has been expensive. Very expensive...

Ivan off to camp!
Someone might have cried as the bus drove off...and it wasn't me!

** 6th grade camp = $355

** Grad night at Disney = $150 (ticket and bus only!)
** Food & souvenier money = $50
** Band banquet = $40 in donated food

My son and his friend at band banquet

My daughter and friends at band banquet

** Band end of the year bonfire = $40-$50 in donated food

My daughter and friends at Senior prom

** Senior prom tickets = $55
** Dinner for senior prom = $20
** End of year water park trip for 6th graders = $50 (included ticket, lunch and t-shirt)
** End of year teacher gifts x 3 = $45+

Our dog, Katie,  developed cancer and we spent a lot of money on Vet visits, ER trips, medicines and eventually having to put her down and pay for cremation. Everything ended up being around $1000.

My daughter graduated from high school on the 3rd (!!!!) and to get the house ready for a big open house and company we...

**went to Ikea for some decor and furniture items to spruce up the inside. I believe this cost around $500.

** my crazy awesome husband built a back deck and a patio. He did an amazing job, but with plants, some new patio furniture, and all the materials... it ended up being a lot. I am not sure how much he spent, but I can tell you, for the last two- three weeks he was at either Home Depot or Lowes every couple of days, and the average amount spent was $200.

** a graduation gift of a new laptop for my daughter $400.

** Food and decorations. I honestly did not spend very much on decor. Most was purchased from the Dollar Tree or Wal Mart.

The food however was a different story. I kept it simple but I ordered or bought everything from Costco or Sams Club. Four sandwich trays, 2 fruit & cheese trays, 1 vegi tray, 2 containers of strawberries, 1 big watermelon, soda, water, juice boxes, chips, cake, cupcakes and cookies. Everything was around $200.

My in laws were here and so we spent a lot of money eating out, and just keeping everyone entertained!

If you look at everything, we spent a lot of money. Some was planned but some was not. Our budget is/was non existent. Credit cards were our best friend. Not good. Not at all.

We are going to spend this summer tightening our belts, saving our pennies and paying off debt. I am ready to reel it in...want to join me?!

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